It’s Kind of Delicious
and Wonderful


August, 2021

Glenmorangie- It’s Kind of Delicious and Wonderful


India is one of the largest whisky consuming markets in the world. The old stereotypes linked with single malt consumption are that it’s a gentlemen’s club where you are told the rules, complexity, and knowledge are attractive, and single malt is the end of a whisky journey. In a world of knowledge bullies, who use facts to keep a consumer out, Glenmorangie believes that no expert experience in whisky consumption is necessary to enjoy the wonder of its delicious single malt.

To break the stereotypes, Glenmorangie wanted to launch an inclusive campaign to welcome more people into its wondrous world, irrespective of occasion, gender and rules; and also disrupt the conventional representation of single malts by presenting Glenmorangie as colorful, sexy, young, unpretentious and inviting.

However, the challenges were:

  • LIMITED AWARENESS in the Indian market for the brand, hard to notice, and is considered as ‘one of the Glens’
  • STRINGENT MEDIA policies for alcohol-based companies with India being a dark market
  • NO SOCIAL MEDIA page of the brand in India

To establish the brand’s new positioning, the campaign It’s Kind of Delicious and Wonderful was devised to reimagine six everyday gender-neutral experiences – a camping trip, ferris wheel or a train journey – as wondrous moments, with color as a metaphor to open the whisky’s world. Our strategy was to draw a new generation of drinkers into wondrous whisky moments in an emotion-led way, rather than the technicalities of its taste. The multi-pronged approach involved:

  • Authentic storytelling via immersive brand experiences
  • Leveraging key storytellers through large format media interviews
  • Building advocates through various moments of consumption

We reached consumers through various experiential touch points such as:

  • Launched the technicolor campaign with large format media stories and via a content collaboration with designer duo Shivan & Narresh, along with a virtual tasting experience for key stakeholders.
  • Created ‘Wonder Kits’ incorporating visual and sensorial elements to elevate the Glenmorangie drinking experience.
  • Created 3D installations bringing to life scenes from the campaign film that visually amplified the campaign messaging
  • Created a technicolored filter in collaboration with GQ India’s Instagram, to invite a wider audience to see the world through Glenmorangie’s eyes.
  • Reiterated Glenmorangie’s desire to welcome more women consumers via strategic content partnership with leading women influencers from different walks of life.


Through digital listening, the scores stated that the campaign massively increased digital awareness and consideration for Glenmorangie in India in the whisky category:

  • Glenmorangie became the brand driving most conversations with 70% YOY growth vis-à-vis competition whiskies.
  • Glenmorangie had the highest engagement with 88.9% YOY growth vis-à-vis competition whiskies.
  • Glenmorangie’s audience base increased by 136% as compared to same period previous year.
  • 100% messaging achieved with 390+ exposures in leading corporate titles, lifestyle media and via key opinion leaders across social media platforms.
  • Engaged with 225+ influencers including celebrity designers, architects, chefs, musicians, actors and more enabling brand advocacy.

Industry recognition

The campaign has won four accolades at Fulcrum Awards 2022 and SABRE South Asia Awards 2022.

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