Kaya Beauty


Beauty In Safety


March, 2022

Kaya Beauty- #BeautyInSafety


Kaya, India’s leading skincare & largest dermatologist network enabled brand, follows a purpose-fuelled mantra “Beautiful is You”.  Punctuated by this identity – the brand took their first step towards extending support to the transgender community. The goal was to showcase Kaya as an inclusive beauty brand pushing the narrative forward to urge society to see beauty beyond gender and cultural norms, through its thought-provoking campaign.


Through its purpose fuelled inclusive beauty rebrand – Beautiful is You, Kaya proudly hosts a diverse client base, including transgender clients. With this, the band also took a step further in realising their promise to reposition themselves as an inclusive beauty brand, by opening up work opportunities for the transgender community. #BeautyInSafety was a first-of-its-kind campaign by the brand that was informed by the real lives of the trans community and doesn’t hold back from capturing their true emotions, even the difficult ones, the ones that are harder to talk about. Because at Kaya, the brand stay true to its values of #BeautifulIsYou.

The team at PR Pundit strategically mined advocates who were vocal about the subject to helm the campaign for content creation & building awareness in key markets. Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju, Nitasha Biswas & Jay Anand lent their voices to create buzz to the same. Community collaborations with a leading Trans group – Official Humans Of Queer alongside various conversations with brand friends & influencers were undertaken organically to support the campaign.


The total reach of the campaign was over 380M and the social media conversations generated an approx. reach of over 2.7M. As a brand that has always advocated for inclusive beauty, Kaya pushed the narrative forward to urge society to see beauty beyond gender and cultural norms. For the transgender community, whose very identity and existence has been invisibilised, beauty has been an improbable dream. This initiative generated an interest amongst the audience and struck a chord with them to showcase that the brand takes not only its clients’ but also its communities’ safety seriously and ensues that they grow and evolve with time to stay relevant to the customers.