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We connect brands & organisations to their stakeholder communities through skillful storytelling and experiences to leave a lasting impression and foster engagement.

An integrated communications specialist company helmed by a collective of experts, adept at delivering compelling, creative and impactful solutions, with a pulse on the now and new.

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Our agile & adaptive communication approach has aided strategic evolution of brands & delivered measurable business impact across platforms be it traditional and new age media, both digital and social. Our deep-rooted entrepreneurial DNA lends passion and drive to relentlessly pursue excellence as we champion creativity, challenge status quo, curate authentic storytelling to impact Culture and Communities.


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Our vision is to drive growth and business impact by channeling out-of-the-box ideas and 360 degree solutions to set industry benchmarks in today’s hyper-connected world. Pundit was incorporated in our name when the word was first inducted into the Oxford lexicon as a synonym for being a knowledge leader. We have stayed true to that vision ever since, whether in creating a lifestyle & luxury specialization when none was existent or embracing collaborations with influencers, much before they became a household phenomenon! At PR Pundit, we pride ourselves in forging our own path while leveraging our experience and knowledge.

We are communicators who ignite conversations that drive appeal and brand fame.

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