Mithun Sacheti​


CaratLane​, Founder


December 2023

Mithun Sacheti: CaratLane, Founder scripts largest exit in the D2C segment.


Mithun Sacheti incubated CaratLane in 2008 leading from the front and transformed it from a mere concept into a household phenomenon in a matter of years. Although the brand seeped into a wider collective consciousness, Mithun operated as the unseen force propelling its success. Fast forward to 2023, when he was on the brink of etching his name in the annals of entrepreneurial history, orchestrating the largest exit ever as he masterfully sold Caratlane to Tata, leaving a trail of inspiration for aspiring business entrepreneurs.



PR Pundit was tasked to position Mithun as the start-up leader with intuitive business acumen, unprecedented success that remained little known. We had to mark the watershed moment in India’s D2C sector from the lens of an entrepreneur.



Our strategy to take his story to the world was to carefully craft differing narratives for various media on his journey, challenges, leadership tenets and traits that helped him build a super-successful venture to inspire entrepreneurs. Timed in parallel to Tata’s announcement of the purchase, we catalysed interest among a nuanced mix of media (traditional and new age) to claim the narrative on Mithun’s entrepreneurial journey, lessons learned & his persistence to build Caratlane to a Rs.3000+ cr company.