Kaya Clinic


Beautiful Is You


October, 2021

Kaya Clinic #BeautifulisYou


In the last quarter of 2021, as Kaya turned 18, the brand unveiled a new identity marking this milestone. The new identity was symbolic of a strategic realignment with its ever- growing young consumer base and was inspired by its young customers – GenZ’s and millennials. Punctuated by the brand’s new purpose fuelled mantra, “Beautiful is You”, Kaya reimagined its positioning as a strong, inclusive beauty narrative that celebrates the freedom of choice, further re-establishing Kaya’s expert position in Indian skin culture.

  • Rebranding Kaya after 18 years, was no mean feat! The brand carried a huge legacy, but perception had to change making it relevant & popular amongst millennials & Gen Z by onboarding suitable opinion leaders & content creators to drive digital storytelling. Limited budgets became critical to the campaign’s success.
  • Each campaign initiative, every in-clinic customer touchpoint, and every influencer had to reflect the new rebrand with beauty and energy. It needed consistency to let this brand key breathe and exude across the ecosystem.
  • An immersive and compelling influencer engagement program was undertaken to establish the purposeful intersection of social media and purpose-led outreach by inviting influential cause crusaders to amplify it on their social media channels under the master narrative of Beautiful is You.


  • To drive momentum for Kaya’s new brand identity and resonate it with being relevant, inclusive & exciting for the younger set of audiences, we set out to engage and forge relationships with key influencers across India, to build a visually engaging storyboard on social media for the new narrative to create allure and drive consideration for youth-centric beauty services.
  • Embodied the spirit of inclusive beauty and marked the celebration of important milestones, occasions & special days that are relevant for young audiences by identifying four significant moments: Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, International Transgender Visibility Day & Acne Awareness Month.
  • A strategy was scripted to realize a strong communication narrative for the initiative with different visuals based on compelling stories on what beauty means to the influencers to drive the footfalls of millennials & Gen Z consumers in Kaya clinics. 
  • Therefore, in addition to the influencer outreach, organic digital features were secured on the brand’s new visuals & identity along with large format interviews in key digital publications & portals for the brand spokesperson, Samyukta Ganesh Iyer – Vice President and Head of Marketing, Kaya Limited.



  • 80+ KOLs lent voice to the #BeautifulisYou narrative through their social media handles with a reach of over 16 mn.
  • 70+ online & print media features were secured for the initiative including exclusive interactions with Samyukta Ganesh Iyer – Vice President and Head of Marketing, Kaya Limited.
  • For business, the brand saw 86% growth in sales compared to the average sales pre-campaign.
  • There was a 64% rise in new customers post the rebranding who availed Kaya’s Beauty Services & Products in 2022.
  • There was an all-time increase of 62% in youth-centric services post the influencer outreach went LIVE across targeted groups.
  • Kaya also saw an uplift in their reach to the Gen-Zs and Millenials by 150 BPS.