ITC Vivel




August, 2021

ITC Vivel #AbSamjhautaNahin


2020 was a tough year for brands and consumers alike. Change was rampant in the environment and the consumer sentiment was vulnerable. Vivel Voice of Art needed stickiness for the criticality of its message to stand out and leave an impact. So, we added a layer of User generated entries to the campaign. It was imperative to garner a positive reaction from audiences, softly nudging them to participate in the campaign amidst all the chaos happening outside. 

  • For the message of Equality to resonate with everyone, trust had to be built from inception. We kept our message empathetic, relevant and relatable. We had to be careful as to not sound patronising or preachy- to maintain that tonality where the content was user-generated was a challenge. 
  • We required to get people’s attention in a seemingly disorderly education environment. In order to find the right partners for the campaign we had to push against the dominant societal sentiment of alarm. Reaching out to art colleges and the communities at a time when everything was shut posed a tough challenge. 
  • Secure media interest in the early stages – Also, media opportunities were shrinking and changing rapidly, and we had to compete with other pressing news for key media placement. 


It is common knowledge that today, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. This visual medium is not just a photo gallery anymore – it has transformed into a platform for creative expression, engagement and even a source of income for many. A partnership with the Alt-Museum was the outcome of this simple restriction. Vivel being extremely progressive in its outlook has constantly striven to use of the arts to push the world in a better direction. To make sure we spoke to this audience, we presented the voice of young artists, their demand for equality, their passionate expressions against patriarchy – be it stereotyping on the basis of gender or attire, highlighting pay gap, societal gender bias, etc. 

The interpretations on canvas were a reflective and a futuristic expression against patriarchy. This created a content format that was easy to digest given the short attention span of the social media consuming audience while going bold on the impact.  


This 26-day campaign touched the lives of over 7 crore people. 

  • Leading publications used the campaign narrative.PR Value garnered worth 30 million 
  • With more than 550 art entries, the campaign aimed to change and encourage women to say #AbSamjhautaNahin
  • The campaign organically attracted support from renowned Bollywood celebs – Sanya Malhotra, Shruti Hasan etc.