Campaign Name

Say Hello


August, 2022

Mentos - Say Hello Case study August 2022


With millions of emojis that gets exchanged on digital platforms every day, the trend of using the icons to express ourselves is showing no signs of slowing. But rather than using the emojis online, Mentos wanted to encourage people to step away from their smartphones and share their emotions and smiles in the real world in line with its philosophy of forging fresh connections.

  • Gen Z and millennials, that also form a core TG for the brand is hard to win and is heavily influenced by impactful storytelling, especially on digital mediums
  • Emojis have become an expression of emotion which has become intrinsic to their lives. The biggest challenge was to bring back appreciation for simple interactions, such as bonding over a sweet
  • It is to address this need and respond to the basic human requirement to make ‘real’ contact with each other that Mentos announced the limited-edition Mentos ‘Say Hello’ packs – a one-of-a-kind innovation in the Indian market. 
  • To make the campaign impactful and engaging at the same time, we rolled out 12 different emoticon designed Mentos ‘Say Hello’ pack. 


  • To take the campaign to end-consumer, we engaged with like-minded brands through emojis on Twitter. The brand interacted with other brands that are active on Twitter too through emojis to bring focus to the campaign and then launch the new video and encourage people to start new conversations by using the Mentos Emojis
  • Taking the initiative further, the brand also collaborated with some of the top comedians including Rohan Joshi, Kenny Sebastian and Azeem Banatwalla for creating engagement on social platforms. These comedians with an aim to bring alive each of the emoticons on the Mentos dragees challenged each other to express each of these emoticons in their own style
  • To add on to the fun conversations, the brand also leverage Instagram to launch Mentos ‘Say Hello’ filter and keep the buzz alive with the audience


  • Since the larger aim of the brand was to cater to the millennials, the communication was focused on platforms and brands that this generation resonates with. Impact across platforms as below: 
  • Hero Content (Digital film): 
  • Over 20 Mio* views across platforms like YT and Instagram (view at 30s harmonized across platforms)
  • High View Through Rate of 22% (higher than industry benchmark of 20% for video of similar duration)
  • Engagement rate of 30% across video & static creatives used on the campaign!
  • Say Hello Twitter Trend:
  • #SayHello trended organically at No-2 on twitter with conversations with over 21 brands 
  • Engagement rate of 10% on platform (vs. industry benchmark of 5%)


  • Instagram filter
  • Over 1.3 Mio organic views and high UGC with filters 
  • Instagram Influencer Content: 
  • Over 1.6 Mio organic views and high organic engagement
  • Sales Uplift:
  • Over 59% sales uplift on the packs vs. LY same period (pre-pandemic sales base)
  • Uplift of 29% on rolling-rate during campaign period (vs Q4’20) 
  • These are significant uplifts considering the size of Mentos brand (*Rs.100 Cr/per annum as per AC Nielsen MAT’ May 21)
  • Impact on mind measures, consumption & Ad-recall
    • 3% increase in consideration within a competitive mints category (*May’21 Kantar Online track vs May’20 LY)
    • 6% increase in P1W* (*weekly consumption, May’21 vs May’20 LY- Kantar Online track)
    • Ad re-call as per YouTube Brand Lift Study: 2% absolute lift and 7% relative lift