November, 2020



In January 2020, over 85% of the Indian smartphone market was dominated by Chinese brands. An influx of products with a myriad of specifications at cheap prices and unsustainable business proposition brought in a challenge for homegrown brands like Micromax.

Before launching the product by Micromax, worked on the roots – offered clarity on the gap, the learnings and hence the way forward; solutions to address misconceptions around service, innovation, manufacturing to the consumers



Chartering a comeback: Rebuilding brand Micromax and successfully launch the new IN series smartphones

A video with Rahul Sharma, Co-founder Micromax went live in October 2020 which encapsulated Micromax’s journey, and addressed the highs and lows of the brand, the learning curve and the insights gained. The video was crucial into transforming Rahul Sharma from a co-founder to the face of the brand, building a transparent narrative and coming across as humble and honest which resonated with the audience immensely.

In November 2020, the team organically led one-on-one with the top youtubers in India who have a massive subscriber base with high rates on engagement – reaching a diverse audience pan-India: Technical Guruji Tech Bar and Trakin Tech. Technical Guruji lead a poll on the comeback. The poll received 335K votes with 65% being in favour. Launched in 1b and in Note1 through a video shot in the facility to bring out the manufacturing capability and make in India narrative. 

Further, recognized the need to reach the audience at a mass level for the budget smartphones, we engaged with Regional Youtubers as well to reach audience across language and geographies – Seeded the product to about 120+ Youtubers to garner the maximum traction for the product on the launch day

We also conducted virtual Immersion Sessions with Tech influencers and Micromax Product Head to set a foundation for the media to base their reviews



Secured 175 unboxing, review and giveaway contest videos on YouTube on the launch day across multiple languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Odia, Marathi, Kannada, and Bengali

1150+ stories in print and online (The Economic Times, Digit, Gadgets Now, Mint) 

#IN1b became 29th trending hashtag in India – creating buzz across social media about comeback of Micromax

21 billion+ reach on through editorial collaborations and features across media universe

INR 53.3 million AD Value from Oct’20 – Nov’20